Reformed Catholic?

What is the Reformed Catholic Church? We are an independent Catholic Church, not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and we are inclusive of people faithfully seeking to follow Jesus without excluding anyone. We welcome everyone to come and celebrate the Sacraments of the Church and engage with God through worship, no matter your past. For the divorced, we are a source of communion, for women seeking ministerial empowerment, we are a platform, for the LGBTQ community, we are a place of affirmation. We believe that Jesus accepts us all and that God calls everyone to participate in the life and leadership of the Church.


Church of St Joseph Meets at the Lodge at White Bear

Mass Times



Location: The Lodge at White Bear Senior Living Community
3666 Century Ave N
Saint Paul, MN  55115
Phone: 903-203-4786



Bishop Shane slivnik

Bishop Shane was ordained a priest of the Reformed Catholic Church on November 25th, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona, In the diocese of St. George, by Bishop Chris Carpenter.  He was consecrated Bishop on November 3rd 2018 in Warsaw, NY.

Bishop Shane is and has been parish priest and also serves as a Chaplain at 2 retirement homes.  According to Shane, “The most enjoyable part of the priesthood is saying the Mass, praying and singing with the parish community.  The parishioners are the real blessing of being a priest.”

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