Reformed Catholic?

What is the Reformed Catholic Church?We are an independent Catholic Church, not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and we are inclusive of people faithfully seeking to follow Jesus without excluding anyone. We welcome everyone to come and celebrate the Sacraments of the Church and engage with God through worship, no matter your past. For the divorced, we are a source of communion, for women seeking ministerial empowerment, we are a platform, for the LGBTQ community, we are a place of affirmation. We believe that Jesus accepts us all and that God calls everyone to participate in the life and leadership of the Church.





Our Maxim

God loves all of humanity with an inclusive and affirming love.

What We Do

Aims of The Order of Preachers, Reformed

To Promote a Relationship with God

Pillar of Prayer

  • We pray and teach others to pray the divine office
  • We sit in christian meditation and teach others to do the same

To Promote the Gospel

Pillar of Preaching

  • We provide the Sacraments and preach the Word.
  • We provide chaplains for Arizona State University and other communities.

To Promote Knowledge and Wisdom

Pillar of Study

  • We provide retreats and workshops
  • We promote the continual study of the divine

To Promote a Life in Community

Pillar of Community

  • We promote the growth of small, all inclusive, groups focusing on the inner journey
  • We become and remain members of the all welcoming Priory of St. Martin de Porres


Are you called to be a Dominican Friar?

First and foremost, we are preachers. This means we are men and women who live and teach the Gospel. We prepare our preaching through study and test our intellectual pursuits in the crucible of community in the real world. When all is said and done, we pray - for strength for our ministry, for knowledge, and for humility. If you would like to join us, contact us and let's discern your call together.

Our Friars

Members of the Priory of St. Martin de Porres

Msgr. Andrew Barreras

Clerical Brother


Fr. Fred Lucci

Clerical Brother

Life Professed

Bishop Chris Carpenter

Bishop Protector


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